Be prepared for waffles.


Wait, we're supposed to be explaining our OCs? I guess that makes more sense.

-Diana The Umbreon-

Diana the Umbreon
A picture of Diana.
Some attributes
Species Umbreon (Pokemon)
Gender Female
Age  ??
Other attributes

This is Diana The Umbreon. Yes, she has an actual name, but doesn't use it. Her trainer was killed and she got separated from her best friend, Crayoa, in an adventuring incident involving an underground lab and a mad scientist. As a result, she finds it hard to trust, and even harder to genuinely care for others.

She becomes unresponsive when the subject of her past is brought up, and is currently searching for her lost friend.


An OC.

-Violet Shadow-

She is a RWBY OC, but is often used for RPing in other situations. There's honestly not much to say about her. A backstory/personality/etc will be added when I can find my IPod, since that's where I have all my stuff written down.

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