Silver Lining/WinterheartEdit


Background: Silver is a time lord from the planet of Gallifrey and is one of three on the RPO Timeline-verse. Very little is known about her life on Gallifrey except for that she acquired her TARDIS at the same time Derptor did and has known Derptor ever since that day. She has gone through many different regenerations over the course of her 2000 year life, becoming different genders, species, etc. Currently she has been a female pony for the past 4 regenerations. She is married to Blazing Winterheart and has one daughter, Golden Winterheart, who is off at college. Even though the personality and wants of each regeneration she had differed greatly, she has always been trying to protect people.

She is no longer RPed and is currently being replaced by wither Midori Shmee or Artemis


Lanniebat by sjart117-d6rbkgk

Silver's 25th regeneration

This regeneration was the first time she was a bat-pony and was the start of her current line of regenerations. This is the regeneration in which she gave the BOXIS it's current cardboard box look. She took on Blazing Winterheart as her companion and later married him. How she died is unknown.

26th: This regeneration was the start and end of a time where she was a little more dangerous. She always had some type of weapon, usually many, on her and would frequently go on rampages with these. during this regenreation she became pregnant and raised Golden Winterheart. She also was attacked by a strange goo created by changelings that turned her into one for that regeneration. She died by tripping on a rock and no one helping her.

27th: Her 27th regeneration was a bit of a strange one, being that she went from carrying as many guns as possibly and showing off her body to refusing to touch a gun and hiding much of her body. This regenereation was the one that went through and later ended the Homestuck RP by destroying every copy of the game Derptor's Quest that ever existed and the God Tier version of it is still alive hiding somewhere in the Time Vortex with God Tier Blaizng, Snipewing, and Felix. She died when there was an accident repairing the BOXIS.

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Silver's current regeneration resting on top of a tree, far into her second pregnancy

28h: Her current regeneration. This one is yet again a bat-pony but takes it to a larger extreme and is a full blown vampony now. Originally thinking she was a succubus due to her first meal being Hydra blood, Silver quickly gained a bad reputaion simply because people spread the rumor around. She is currently pregnant with twins. This is the last Silver Regeneration to have been RPed