• It says above that you are the founder so I saw it only logical to come to you with a problem I am dealing with.

    First I want to apologize for using anon. I do not have an account. I am simply Kitistrasza and you can contact me at if needed.

    One of your users thats goes by, Silver Lining/ Winterheart has been stealing and using my art / OCs. He even left my water marks on the pieces ALONG with my name on the bottom of the hooves. I assume you do not tolerate theft so I would ask if you can have the pieces removed. I would highly respect it since this is the second time it has happened.

    Thank you for your time.


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    • Oh, hello! I am terribly sorry for the stolen art. Their character is a timelord (i think you can guess) and that was their regeneration. I will notify them later, and be removing it! I'm sure they meant no harm at all! They also never took credit for it, as well. I will be removing it right now though.

      Sorry for the troubles.

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    • Thank you so much!

      I didn't think they were claiming the art for themselves but they were claiming the OCs. Which rightfully belong to me. So I just wanted it taken down since that's not okay. I also recommend checking the sources on the other two pictures. They look familiar to me as well but I didn't touch them since they weren't mine.

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